HBAM's Testimonials

(Oct 2016) KevinF says:
Thanks for the ride today and the report straight back. I am really chuffed to be getting up to test standard at last! I really appreciate the expert and carefully explained feedback and encouragement.
(Oct 2016) Kevin says:
Thanks for organising the Associate Acceleration w/end and inviting me....It felt like winning a prize to get access to all that expertise and one-to-one feedback. Please pass on my thanks to Alan Laws, John Prestland, and Alan Yandall for their time and wise words. You're all priceless!
(July 2016) Danny says:
I went to a monthly meeting, met some of the committee and friendly riders. It was suggested I joined one of the Sunday ride outs for Associates to see if I liked what I experienced. I was bitten by the bug, and joined straight away in 2011. Different forms of training were then offered, Look.Lean,and Roll, which consisted of such, how to brake quickly and safely, lean on the curves and general obstacle avoidance. An observer ( James ) was allocated to me, for my training, to reach the required standard to pass the Advanced motorcycle test, which I did in 2012 and received a certificate. One of my proudest moments of self satisfaction. My Observer had to have that extra patience as I was on a complete learning curve, to which he never faulted or even slightly moaned. On the contrary we had some great laughs, and have since become great buddies. There are C.J's (Continental Jaunts) to the continent every year. More interest for the pot. Personally my only regret is I came back to motorcycling so late in life, so anyone in doubt please do not hesitate to join any I.A.M group, but of course pick H.B.A.M in preference. Happy and safe motorcycling Danny
(April 2017) Tim says:
Just attended the HBAM half day slow riding course. It was an excellent morning with superb tuition. Very useful stuff indeed.
(Oct 2012) Tim says:
Having gone through the IAM course with HBAM, not only am I more confident in my riding but also get a lot more enjoyment out of it. My observer encouraged me to think about what I was doing on the bike and take responsibility for my own progress, which I found to be a good way to learn and to keep learning.
(Oct 2012) Hartwell says:
Being a relatively new rider at the time I found HBAM an open and welcoming and friendly club through whom I would be able to acquire advanced riding skills. The observer I was paired with was really good in developing the required skill level and confidence at a pace which suited me. Can't praise him enough. In addition taking as many opportunities with the club to attend various ride outs, courses such as look lean and role, bike safe, served to build on my development, meeting and learning from other more experienced riders. Encouragement seemed to be the aim of all that I came in contact with willing to pass on knowledge skills and experience.-Now to continue building further with the club. Bring on the spring & summer.
(Oct 2012) Derek says:
Having just passed my IAM test I would like to say what amazing value for money the whole process is and would recommend it to any motorcyclist whatever their experience. I have been riding for 40 years and am still learning!! Thanks to my observer for making all the observed rides so enjoyable. I am now looking forward to taking part in the social side of belonging to HBAM.
(Aug 2012) Ashley says:
I would definitely recommend HBAM to any biker interested in improving their riding ability. You guys are providing an amazing service well worthy of the highest praises.