Why Advanced Riding?

Most of us know deep down there are two uncomfortable truths about riding our bikes:

  1. There is a danger of hurting yourself quite badly when riding a bike
  2. Our bike is more capable than we are

An advanced course sets about reducing the risk of you having an unfortunate incident whilst at the same time improving your road and bike control skills so you can get more out of your bike.

So what is Advanced Riding?

Advanced riding is simply about riding well. It is summed up by the 4 S's we teach as part of our course.


Everyone's first concern on a bike should be for their own safety and that of everyone else's. It sounds simple but keeping yourself out of A&E means being aware of what is around you and acting appropriately!


The advanced course is as much about thinking about how you ride as it is about riding technique. By taking a more systematic approach to what you find on todays roads you will have more time to react to the dangers.


Everyone who has completed the course notices that their riding style looks and feels more graceful and fluid. This is because you learn to react in good time so there are no sudden, panicked manoeuvres. The observers pass on many techniques which make riding your bike easier.


We do not train people to ride fast, but what we do find is once our members have mastered Safety, System and Smoothness, progress (Speed) on the road becomes very natural. They do not brake unnecessarily for corners, they carry out safe overtakes without hesitation and they can read an unfamiliar road and ride it well first time.

Skill For Life

As HBAM is affiliated to IAM Roadsmart we offer their Advanced Rider Course.

For Just £149 you get:

  • A place on one of our training courses
  • Membership of HBAM for 1 Year
  • Membership of IAM Roadsmart for 1 Year
  • A copy of the IAM Roadsmart course handbook.
  • A 90 minute assessed ride with an Examiner

Why only £149? Because HBAM is a not-for-profit organisation. Everyone at HBAM contributes their time free of charge so our costs are very low. There is no scheme which is better value for money!

You will get these benefits from joining HBAM:

  • Ongoing improvement of your riding skills (even after you pass your Advanced test)
  • Regular social rides with new friends
  • Social evenings and other club activities
  • A regular newsletter
  • Access to our online discussion forums to ask questions and discuss biking

After you complete the course you get:

  • A certificate to prove to family and friends you are a good rider
  • Discounted insurance at many insurance companies
  • A years membership of the IAM (thereafter renewal is currently £28.00 p.a. paid directly to the IAM and £20.00 paid directly to HBAM. (£15.00 if paid by direct debit)

Associates and Full Members

HBAM has two levels of membership, Associates and Full Members. You join as an Associate Member which is simply someone who has not yet passed their test. Once you have passed the advanced test you automatically become a Full Member of IAM Roadsmart and HBAM

All Full Members of HBAM are current, card carrying, members of IAM Roadsmart. You can sign up on line - please click here

How to Join

There are several ways you can join HBAM:

Talk to our Membership Secretary

If you have any questions before joining call our Membership Secretary on: 0800 458 8425


If you prefer emails then send an email by clicking here!

Sign up online

Sign up through the IAM Roadsmart web site. Here you can easily and securely pay with your debit or credit card.

Simply follow this link!

Turn up to a Social Evening

If you prefer a more direct approach come and introduce yourself at one of our social evenings at The Fairway Tavern, Panshanger Golf Course, Old Herns Lane, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 2ED. Fairway Tavern These are held on the first Tuesday of the month starting at 7.30pm. Please note that during the Summer months these are normally evening ride-outs. There are always loads of people to talk to about the course and the club and it is a great way to get a feel for what HBAM is all about!